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Looking for vouchers especially for Kindle devices? Kindle vouchers make a great gift our present for any Kindle lover. The kindle is the world best selling e-book reader, experience 1000's of books on one compact device perfect book lovers and makes a great gift.

Buy Kindle gift vouchers

Give the gift of reading with Amazon's Kindle inspired gift vouchers. These vouchers can be purchased in denomiations of £10 to £500 allowing the user to purchase books for their kindle device. Perfect present for any Kindle lover! These vouchers can also be used to buy millions of other non-kindle related products on the Amazon store.

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Compare Kindles Connectivity Battery Life Storage Weight
Kindle Wi-Fi Up to 1 Month Up to 1,400 books (2GB) 170 grams
Kindle Keyboard 3G Free 3G + Wi-Fi Up to 2 Month s Up to 3,500 books (4GB) 247 grams


The Kindle is Amazon's newset device with the ability to store over 1,400 e-book on a single handy and compact device. The Kindle is very light and sturdy with a crystal clear screen allowing you to read for hours without hurting your eyes. Downloading books is as simply as ordering a physical book on Amazon, simply browse by Genres, Aurthors or book titles, you can purchase an kindle ready book with a single click. Downloading takes seconds. Please note this device is not toch screen however with the use of the 5 way contoller an on-screen keyboard can be used.

Kindle Keyboard 3G

Previously referred to as the Kindle 3G this device has a number of advantages over the smaller Kindle. The most obvious is the physical keyboard which is located at the bottom of the device. While this makes the Kinde 3G slightly bigger it does offer access to a physical keyboard which can make typing much quicker than using an onscreen keyboard. This Kindle 3G has a fantastic battery which can be used without a single charge for upto 2 months, it is easy forget that this Kindle requires any power.

How the Amazon Kindle revolutionised reading

The Amazon Kindle has become the most popular electronic e-reading device in the world selling millions of units in the UK alone, so how and why is the device so popular?

The Kindle makes it easy to carry your whole book collection in a small compact device. While many people have longed prefered owning a hard copy of a book, the ability to carry 1000's of books in your pocket or handbag has been appealing enough for many people to purchase a kindle.

One of the main reasons consumers choose the Kindle is its screen, the Kindle features a 6" e-ink screen which is specially designed to be "easy" on the eyes. Unlike the screen which you are reading this, an e-ink screen is designed to replicate paper. Unlike the glare of computer screens the e-ink black and white screen on a kindle mimcs the text with the advantage of being digital so you can easily increase the font size or even font itself.

The Kindle is all about making reading easier than ever whether its comupting, traveiling in bed or just on the couch with your favourite book the Kindle allows you to purchase new books in an instant with Amazon's unique 1 click purcahse. You can browse and search for your next favourite book on the Kindle and dowload it within seconds. An overlooked advantage of the Kindle is the ability to read a chapter for absolutly free on thousands of books on the UK kindle store, its the modern equivilent of reading the back of a book.